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“There is a first time for everything, but the first time you run with your child through a college application cycle, you’ll need Nina covering your back. We live in California in a highly selective school district, and the level of competition for admission to the University of California schools is immense, even for in-state students. We began talking to Nina in the summer of senior year and started with a Skype call to brainstorm topics my son could write about for his college essays. As the essays got drafted, Nina patiently reviewed and gave strategic feedback on each version. She was incredibly prompt - especially as the deadline approached. The quality of the review and the feedback cycle was fully managed by her through emails, skype calls and shared documents. I was super relieved that his essays were in the best hands! Nina continued to support my son on the second round of essays and on scholarship applications too.

My son is from a school with very high caliber students who applied to the UCs, and despite the competition, he was admitted into a top UC. Nina’s work has proven itself to be of exemplary quality and has been vital for my son’s entry into a highly selective and prestigious college.”

Parent, Class of 2019 student, Cupertino, California



“My daughter was an international applicant and we were not familiar with the college system in the US. Working with Niranjana to craft my daughter’s essay was a blessing. She knows so much about the admissions process and hence was able to help to align my daughter's interests with the choices available and allay our apprehensions about the American education system. I felt that she understood my daughter’s character, needs and quirks completely. She was always patient but instilled the right degree of urgency. She was able to help my daughter stay true to her choice of essay topic and honor her authentic voice while gently nudging her to improve her craft. She helped us with the appropriate tone and content for the supplementary essays to ensure they were in line with the requirements of the specific colleges.

Niranjana was always available to answer questions, brainstorm ideas and offer useful suggestions. Under her guidance, my daughter was able to better structure her thoughts and enhance the quality of her writing.  I truly appreciate her unwavering belief in my daughter’s abilities and her commitment to ensuring the strongest possible application.” 

Parent, Class of 2019 Student, Gurgaon, India


Nina is so amazing! She appreciated my daughter’s ideas for her essays and provided constructive feedback without steering away from her voice. She is extremely organized, methodical and has a superb eye for detail. She made sure she was available any time we needed her. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Parent, Class of 2019 Student, Souderton, Pennsylvania



LinkedIn Testimonial from Viswanath Ramaswamy, Executive Director - Systems (India/South Asia) at IBM India Private Limited

“I had approached Niranjana for help and counseling for my son's admission into US Universities. She has been the smartest and had a great coaching acumen with a strong command over the language and content. The best part of her approach is being a great coach and also getting the my son to pen those thoughts which otherwise would not have surfaced. I am proud to say that with her complete support in counseling, my son has got admission to UC Irvine (one of the top schools in the US). Thank you Niranjana and wish you all the best […]”

Parent, Class of 2019 Student, Bangalore, India


“The college application process is nerve wracking and makes a student endlessly doubt herself. Without your guidance and support, I would not have been able to write what I felt was the true representation of myself. My parents and friends wanted me to succeed and they thought the way to do that was to write what admissions officers want to read, but you taught me that the only thing they want to read is what a student really wants to say. Your ability to help me maintain an authentic voice and story while improving my narrative flow and examples is what I truly appreciate the most. Every session felt more like collaboration than didactic instruction and I think that’s what helps the essays of every student you work with sound unique and not formulaic.

I’ve learned so much about myself through this process and am so thankful for all the hours you spent helping me hone my essay and supplements and everything you taught me about the college application process and myself. I will never forget your guidance and support during that stressful year. Thank you for helping me not only craft essays that I’m proud of, but for helping me believe in myself and my choices.”

K.R., Class of 2019 student. Accepted to USC (full tuition scholarship), Scripps College (half tuition scholarship), Northeastern University (half tuition scholarship), UBC (half tuition scholarship), Pomona College, Vassar, Bowdoin



“It is crazy how much we are expected to know at such a young age, especially when some of us are the first in our family to go through the college application process to attend a university in USA for undergrad. I had no idea what was expected in the Common App personal essay, and how to answer the more obscure essay prompts that colleges required us to put together. Working with Nina was an amazing experience! She guided me through writing, helping me understand what was expected, and offered methods to generate ideas whenever I was stumped. She was very prompt in returning my phone calls and was very quick to edit my new drafts. Overall, I had a great experience working with her, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking guidance for their college essays! ”

P.D., Class of 2019 student. Accepted to Washington University in St. Louis, University of Maryland, College Park, University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne, Fordham University, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Rutgers University, Indiana University, Bloomington, University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University (Schreyer Honors College)