I offer two basic types of services--a quick overview or a detailed critique.

I work with the author to determine what stage of the process the manuscript is in, what level and depth of feedback would be most useful, and how urgently the critique is required.  If you would like me to work in an editorial capacity other than the services mentioned below, please get in touch and we can figure out what works best for you.

As is standard in this industry, I charge by the page; a page is always 250 words. If, for example, your book is 60,000 words, it’s a 240 page manuscript. 

The quick analysis







The detailed critique







The quick analysis provides a 1000-word summary of your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, with an emphasis on areas for immediate improvement, all with an eye towards publication. This service works best if you have crossed the stage where you think you might need a substantial rewrite. My feedback will provide you a fast (within 10 days of ms receipt) and relatively inexpensive way to make sure you’ve covered your bases before entering the world of publishing. The quick analysis is an overview, and hence will not include line-by-line feedback.

Rate: I charge $3 per page for  a quick analysis. A manuscript 240 pages long would hence work out to a cost of $720.

The detailed critique  includes both developmental edits (concerning story and structure) and line edits (dealing with style, tone and voice). I’ll provide an in-depth analysis of your manuscript with respect to the technical aspects of novel writing. I’ll cover characterization, plot, structure, pacing, setting, dialog, tension, points of view, and more, and analyze language patterns. Questions that I’d answer in the course of this critique might include: Is there a gap in the timeline of events? Is the tone appropriate for the intended readership? Has a character suddenly appeared in the narrative without any prior reference? Do the characters each sound distinct when they speak? Any loose ends or plot holes that haven’t been resolved by the end? Any instances of dead-weight prose or info dumps slowing the pace of the novel? And much much more…

I offer the detailed critique at two stages of the writing process.

First 50 pages: This service is most useful if you haven't finished your first draft yet, but want to make sure you are on the right track. Spotting errors early saves you much heartache later during a rewrite! You can also opt for this service if you'd like check out what an editor can do for you, but you're not sure you want to sign up for the full manuscript edit.

Full manuscript: My most popular service involves a full assessment of your finished manuscript at the sentence level as well as the story level. We will work together to strengthen your manuscript from every possible angle and prepare it for publication.

You will receive the critique in the form of a document containing an intensive broad-ranging assessment, as well as a page by page evaluation of the manuscript with the track changes feature enabled on Word. I also conduct a 30-minute Skype/phone session with the author after they have received my critique.  

Rate: Please get in touch with me with information about your manuscript and your requirements so we can work out the details. The rates for this service vary depending on the amount of work involved.

If you opt for the first 50 page critique, and then choose to have your whole ms edited, I will of course offset the initial payment against the total cost. 

Note: I do not offer query letter critique services, but often, if I've worked on a detailed critique, a client will ask me to take a look at their query letter. I gladly do that for free.