I have been writing, publishing, and helping writers get published for over 12 years. I specialize in working with first-time novelists, helping them understand how to craft compelling stories. I will never, ever, impose my vision on your work; together, we’ll perfect your story and polish your words.

I offer critique services for literary fiction, popular fiction, and writing for Young Adults. I work with traditionally published authors as well as those interested in self-publishing. I also edit short stories as well as personal essays, memoir and other forms of creative non-fiction, though I tend to specialize in novels. 

What types of editing are there?

1. Substantive or Developmental editing focuses on characters, plot, pacing, points of view etc. etc. to ensure that the story comes together in a logical and readable manner. 

2. Line editing focuses on the style, tone, and clarity of the writing. For example, some of the issues covered could include overuse of passive voice, run-on sentences, repetition, loose writing, mixed metaphors, and info dumps. 

3. Proof-reading  refers to line-by-line tracking of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

I offer both developmental and line editing services. I do not offer proof-reading services. The authors I work with tend not to need such services as they are usually proficient in these areas, and I keep my editing rates low by eliminating this service.

I am particularly sensitive to issues surrounding writing intended for diverse audiences. It can be tricky for an author to figure out when to supply an explanation, and when to assume a reader will be able to stretch and comprehend a culturally specific reference. I include such areas of cultural understanding in my critiques whenever relevant.

I offer both quick manuscript analyses and detailed critiques. Please see the services and rates page for more details about what you can expect from each service. And do check out my testimonials too!