About me


After completing my MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (India) I spent several years in the corporate world, most recently with Citigroup Inc., before deciding to become a writer. I obtained a Liberal Arts degree with a specialization in creative writing from Dartmouth College (New Hampshire) following which I began writing with an eye to publication. I lived in India, the United States, Britain, and last in Canada, before moving back to the United States. 

I have been working as a writing consultant for over 10 years. Novels and college essays are my specializations, but I've also edited short stories, memoirs, papers in the social sciences and humanities, and a screenplay. I've worked with a diverse range of authors including award-winning writers, medical professionals, college students, management consultants, and, of course, high school students. I've seen many sides of the writing process, as a student, as a writer, as a submissions editor for a magazine, as a book reviewer, and as a manuscript editor. I am passionate about the transformative power of a good story to warm hearts, broaden minds, and open doors. 

My first publication was an essay in The Christian Science Monitor over 12 years ago. Since then, my work has appeared in The Smithsonian Magazine, The Millions, The Rumpus, The Aerogram, Bookmarks, The Missouri Review, World Literature Today, The Asian Review of Books, Herizons, Bookslut, Rain Taxi Review and much much much more. I’ve also interviewed several award-winning authors for various publications.

I write under the name Niranjana Iyer. Everyone calls me Nina; Iyer is pronounced Eye-yer. I tweet about my writing at my personal account @ninaiyer. If you'd like to read some of my recent writing, please check out

Questions? Please contact me at thecompellingstory at gmail dot com.